Mercedes-Benz Actros

Maximum safety and innovative protection with payloads up to 110 tons

Choice of large, medium or small cab Protected load carrying and towing capability with maximum safety: The Actros is robust and powerful on its missions, and withstands the toughest conditions. There is a Mercedes-Benz Actros for each operational area and every terrain, offering innovative protection, outstanding performance und uncompromising reliability.

Actros 8x8 armoured version

  • Welded armour steel cab for ballistic, mine and IED protection
  • Composite panels and spall liner for enhanced ballistic protection
  • Great choice of mission-proved superstructures such as PLS, truck tractors, recovery, cargo/crane


  • Range of powerful V6 and V8 engines
  • Various output versions from 235 kW (230 hp) up to 375 kW (510 hp)
  • With a maximum torque of 2,400 Nm
  • Engines with greater power output on request
  • With a wide range of engines and drivetrain components


  • Telligent® on-board service diagnostic system optimises day-to-day maintenance routines
  • All maintenance checkpoints easily accessible behind the front flap

Off-road capability

  • Heavy-duty hub reduction axles for high ground clearance and durability
  • Permanent all-wheel drive for best traction
  • Differential locks and interaxle differential locks can be operated while driving
  • Gradeability up to 60%
  • 14.00 R20 tires for optimal off-road performance
  • Special options for extreme climate conditions available (engine-air-intake preheaters, high-performance radiators)
  • Central Tire Inflation System for better traction on different surfaces, available as an option

Gearshift system

  • Hydraulic gearshift for manual gear selection
  • Telligent® automatic gearshift


  • Choice of large, medium or small cab
  • Cabs can be easily tilted by means of a hydraulic pump

Military options

  • Fording capability of up to 1,195 mm
  • Blackout lighting circuit
  • Swivel type roof hatch
  • Centre seat or standing plate
  • Military type towing
  • Battery main switch
  • Auxiliary power unit connections
  • Towing and recovery equipment

Technical data

  • ACTROS.pdf / 1MB